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Take Control of Your Business

AI-powered Software Helping Business Owners Master their Finances

Easily track your business's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), see how your business stacks up against others in your industry, monitor your finances, and receive actionable recommendations to improve your business performance.

How Opertivo Works?

Connect your bank account, accounting software, and CRM.

Opertivo learns about your business and creates your KPIs

Opertivo recommends ways to improve business performance and save money

Make informed decisions about your business like a Fortune 500 CEO


AI-Powered Insights

Make informed decisions faster

Industry relevant KPIs

Opertivo uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your business data and provide actionable insights. With Opertivo's efficient data management features, you can easily consolidate all your data sources into a single location. Opertivo also provides real-time recommendations based on your business performance to help you optimize your operations.


User-friendly dashboard


Industry-relevant KPIs and benchmarking

Online Shopping

Budgeting, Forecasting, & What-if Scenario Analysis

Data Cloud

Actionable AI-powered business recommendations

Why Choose Opertivo?

Opertivo helps business owners make smarter and faster decisions that help improve their likelihood of success. Here's how:


Opertivo is easy to set up and use. You can start using Opertivo right away without any technical knowledge or coding required.

Smart Finance

Opertivo's AI learns about your business and:

Recommends ways to save

Shows you what your money is doing in real-time

Teaches you best practices to better manage your finances

Working from Home

Industry-relevant data

Opertivo not only creates and tracks KPIs relevant to your industry, but also benchmarks your business's performance against others in the same industry and recommends ways to optimize performance. 

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