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Empowering Your Business with AI Analytics

Our Mission

At Opertivo, we believe that every business deserves to succeed. That's why we're on a mission to develop a powerful AI analytics tool designed to give business owners a holistic view of their business performance. With Opertivo, you can easily identify areas where you can improve efficiency and save money. Our mission is to help business owners regain control of their business operations and rediscover the joy of entrepreneurship.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs increase their likelihood of success. More than 65% of business owners do not know how to manage their finances, and not coincidentally the number one reason businesses fail is due to poor money management. Our platform acts as your AI-powered Financial Analyst - we provide you with the necessary insights needed to make smarter and faster business decisions so you can get back to focusing on your mission and vision.


Our Story

I created Opertivo after watching my mom, a driven entrepreneur, launch her own business, excel at her mission, but struggle to manage her growing business operations. Her mission to achieve justice for her clients and the love of being her own boss had been hindered by a lack of understanding of her finances and the challenges of organizing her rapidly growing business.

I wondered how many other entrepreneurs were facing the same challenges - juggling the weight of operational complexities while striving to bring their unique visions to life. My determination to make managing a business easier and more efficient for my mom, and entrepreneurs just like her, led me to launch Opertivo.


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