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  • Is my data secure?
    Yes! Your personal information, passwords, financial data, are all protected and secure on our network. We have wirewall and VPN in place and never exchange sensitive information via email.
  • How do I get my financial data over to you?
    The preferred method is electronically via a secure portal, but you can password protect your files and send them via email as well.
  • Are there any referral incentives?
    Yes! For every client you refer that signs up for an Opertivo Plan or uses our consulting services, you get $100 off! That means you can either get $100 off your monthly subscription (the following month's fee), or $100 off our consulting services. Shoot me an email and we'll send you your personalized referral code that you can pass along to your network. *You must be a current client in good standing. *Limit: only 2 referral incentives can be redeemed per month. *Referrals still in the free trial period are not eligible for the referral bonus. *Referrals must be signed up for an Opertivo plan, or consulting and paid the respective fees in order for the referrer to receive the bonus. *Bonus will be applied to the month after referral joins
  • Can I book hourly services?
    Absolutely! Let's discuss your business goals here.
  • Do you offer flat fee billing?
    Yes! For some of our ad hoc requests, we can set up a custom flat fee depending on the work that needs to be done. Reach out here and we can discuss your specific needs.
  • What is your hourly rate?
    Our hourly rate is $120 per hour.
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